Advice Ocrevus

Advice please.

I had my annual visit to my neurologist in November 19 and asked to go on Ocrevus, I have been on Tecfidera for 4 years and whilst my condition has not worsened it has not improved.

I had a **brain head scan** in Novemebr and now I have to have a **Spine whole and contrast** and have to fill in a form to say my kidneys are working fine which they are. So it looks like it is going ahead.

Is this the normal procedure and how long will it before, I have the first infusion.

I have tried ringing up in the past for information and it has got me no were.

Any advice from people who have been put on Ocrevus appreciated, I know some of the risks and do not bother about them

Thanks Bert

I was nervous when they suggested I swap from Rebif to Ocrevus… but it would have seemed silly not to, so I swapped three times a week injections for an infusion every six months, and it has been rather successful, it would appear. Himself reckons he can see my brain fog lifting a bit… unfortunately no recovering the brain power and memory I used to have, but no horrendous side effects either! I’d say go for it.

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Thank you, made me feel happy. Bert

hi bert have you had your MRI? i HAD to fill in the form with regard to kidney when i had my MRI with contrast. I was ill after and have had issues more with my UTI, i am not sure i would even want another MRI with contrast lol. I decided to hold back on ocrevus as my neuro said I may not be a candidate as i have been too ill too long, and no guarantees with some of the side affects I am passing for now.

Good luck with MRI once they have determined if you have present issues they can start but you have to be active my neuro told me.

I hope it all turns out ok for you. xxx

Thanks for that news, no not yet, this Sunday morning. Happy Christmas

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Hi Crazy Chick, from what Ive read, it seems Ocrevus isn't suitable if youve had MS for more than 15 years. How long have you had it? 22 years for me.