Starting on Aubagio and antiphospholipid syndrome update.....

Hi All,

I have been waiting patiently for BG12 to be approved as I have not been on anything since Merck pulled the pin on Cladribine 18 months ago but the delays in getting it through the FDA are getting worse and worse. My neuro said that there are some more safety concerns popping up now as the final trials are reaching their conclusions and the data is being pulled together which is adding to the delay.

So rather than my waiting for ever for something that may not happen she has decided to start me on Aubagio (teriflunomide) which is new oral drug. Is anyone else on it? Any feedback as to how it is?

I have finally got all the blood tests back for testing Hughes’ Syndrome or Antiphospholipid Syndrome and it is looking as though I may have it as well as MS. I definitely have MS so it isn’t instead of; no get out of jail free card here as some of us were hoping a few months ago when this first came up for me.

My neuro is referring me to a hematologist to get his advice on the best way forward from here with it but since I will have to be on Warfarin for life because of having had the pulmonary embolisms last year it seems a pretty straight forward process as treatment for Hughes’ is Warfarin anyway.

And just to add to the medical woes in my life I have dislocated my shoulder badly with a broken bone and torn tendons and torn cartilage and I am now waiting for a full shoulder reconstruction which is scheduled for early May.

So much for 2013 being an uneventful year for me…. Not even 2 months in. Sigh


Disappointing about the BG-12 :frowning:

Good luck with the rest B :slight_smile:

Karen x

It is such a shame that the BG -12 is taking so long for approval. Hope the new med helps! Hopefully Warfarin will control the Hughes. Seeing as 2013 has started so eventfully perhaps once you’ve had your shoulder op, things will calm down! Teresa xx

That is front-loading the year’s excitements a bit! I am sorry you are having such a rough time of it, and that the BG-12 is stuck on the starting-blocks. I am glad your neurologist has something else to offer, and wish you success with it. Alison x

Hi B

Sometimes all the cr*p happens at once. Here’s hoping the rest of the year is a lot better for you and life is a lot more routine.

All the best with the Aubagio, I’ve not heard of it before.

Do let us know how you get on.

Anne x