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Hi All,

A few weks ago I posted saying I had been prescribed BG12 or Tecfidera and quite a number of people replied saying they would be interested in hearing how I went on it. So after somewhat of a delay due to pharmacy muck ups, I am pleased to say that the Tecfidera was finally delivered to my door today

I will fathfully describe MY experience on the drug, any side effects and any positives. But please do bear in mind when reading it that this is only ONE person’s experience and that not everyone will respond as I might. Also it will be worth noting that I am notoriously hard to medicate due to multiple allergies. I was allergic (to the point of anaphylaxsis) to all 3 of the Interferons and to Copaxone as well. And I had terrible side effects with Aubagio. This is really a last ditch attempt for me so fingers crossed I can tolerate it. But if I do have any nasty side effects please don’t let that put you off the drug for when it becomes availbale in the UK.

I’ll take my first tablet tomorrow morning and I’ll post again each day to keep you all up to date.

Wish me luck for tomorrow morning


Good luck Brog, all the very best.


Fingers crossed, Belinda


Best of luck with the BG12, Brog !!

Hope it works for you (…wouldn’t that make a nice change?!) and look forward to hearing how you’re getting on


Fingers crossed Belinda, hope it all goes well for you.

Pam x

Everything crossed for you. I really hope this is one that you can tolerate and that it works for you.

Tracey xx

Good luck Belinda!

I will be following Brog’s blog with interest.

As with any new drug - we understand it may not work the same for everyone but…we are interested to hear about your experience anyway.

Best wishes


Hi All,

Thanks for all your good wishes

Well, D-Day has arrived and I took the first capsule.
Read all about it on my new post titled Brog’s Blog… BG 12 Day 1