Stair Surfing anyone???

Not a good start to the day…losing your balance and having your feet come out from under you on the stairs and proceeding to slide and bounce down a run of 12 stairs…bruised, battered and carpet burned…not to mention scaring the crap out of husband… I’ve taken a couple ibuprofen and have been tucked back up into bed to wallow in my self pity…

I’m rather good at this too. Never heard it called stair surfing before - maybe it should be a new sport in the Paralympics?!?!

I hope the ibuprofen help.

Karen x

Hope you are feeling better. Stair surfing is a great name I love it. I have dine it a few times as well but one of the dog crates is at the bottom so I try to grab the banister to slow down to avoid going through it and coming out as chips!!


Stair surfing i think thats a great name to call it i have this image now in 4 years we shall all be able to meet up and do some stair surfing LOL well you got to laugh about it or we would cry

P.S hope you are feeling less battered and bruised now

Mandy x

Yeah I had to laugh over it yesterday…today when I woke up I felt like I had been abused by a baseball bat…so sore… I think I went thru a whole box of ibuprofen yesterday…unfortunately it’s my right side which is the side I have constant ache and pains in…

Ohhh Thats not so good . Hope you recover from this and hold on tight when going down stairs in future

((((HUGS)))) for you


So sorry to hear of your accident. Is it time to think about safety strategies?

luv Pollx

Wellll…we are in the middle of remodelling a 225+ year old house…normally we have a hand rail up but not at the moment…I do hold on when I am going from the third floor to the second floor…I think one of the problems as well is the stairs I fell on has new carpet on it…so a bit slippy… Hubby is getting a rail up as soon as he can…I will just have to be very careful from now on…

Oh I see…remodelling an old house, will have it`s own problems.

When ever I have had a fall, or something which could cause me injury, I have studied what went wrong and how, if possible, we could change my environs in the hope of keeping me safe.

This has culmunated in us spending quite a lot of dosh to get our small bungalow disabled friendly.

Some areas do look like a nursing home/clinic and this does get me down sometimes.

But then whatever my conditions turns out to be, it is what it is and I have to accomodate it somehow.

Good luck with the renovation and do try to keep safe, yeh?

luv Pollx

You want to try Canal Surfing - you might have to wait years for the right wave


Old post, I know but made me giggle when I read it. Last flare in 2015 (still undiagnosed) I had a lot of stair surfing, lol. Discovered my gait is not the same anymore and I can’t fly down the stairs or speed walk so much and stair surfed 3 times down the stairs until I finally got hurt on both hands/wrists. I don’t surf anymore. Put up my surf board and now rail glide down the stairs. Holding on like a trusty old cane as I granny walk those darn things. Haven’t fallen since. : ) Cheers.

Get a stairlift.

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