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Hello again,

I’m confused as where I should go, I have SPMS, so, not RRMS, not newly diagnosed, not PPMS and I’m not Asian, where do I belong?

I’ve got lots to say and a bucket full of questions but I don’t think that everything belongs specifically in everyday living, as some stuff is particular to SPMS or my experience of it.

Can anyone suggest anything.

thank you.

Hi and welcome Dolly,

Fire away ask on here Everyday Living.



I think this is your only option. But this forum is generally good for all areas of life regardless of diagnosis.


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Hi Dolly, I’m told I have SPMS and I flit between here and the PPMS forum mostly. I don’t think anyone’s cares what your label is and your experiences may help on any of the five remaining forums.

Best wishes.

Jan x

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This has come up before, Dolly, and the best answers are:

Here, right here, where most everyone is
PPMS. Forget the first P, and start with the Progressive …

Then flit just like Jan

Geoff (also SPMS)

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Thank you all so much for your guidance, I can now get going.

My first post was all a bit personal.

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As a member of the forum, you can read and reply to all boards.

But everyday living gets most readers.


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