i have an assessment next week for a splint. Does anyone use one of these things? Are they uncomfortable?

My physio put me forward for one but now I’m not so sure. Any imput would be appreciated.

Mags xx

Hi Mags.

Yeah I got a splint after my orthotist recommended it when my right foot (weaker side) started tipping outwards. Now my foot is tipping to the left and mobility is now virtually impossible. I can’t seeing my orthotist again until start of March but need the splint to be changed. Must admit I was sceptical at first whether it would help but it really did so I’m now hoping that I can get another suitable splint. Why have you been advised to have on? Try it, it might help. Linda

i have had two or three splints over the past four years, the idea behind them is sound but the effect they have had on my lower leg is slight, if at all, hardly worth the trouble of putting on and discomfort of wearing. im due soon to have a walk-in splint caste and fitted this may help but i doubt it. i dont mean to sound negative but there we are. self-streching probably is the most prductive for me together with baclofen and sativex, regards stanley

Hi Linda,

My physio thought it would help me lift my foot off the ground because at the moment I have no movement in my felt foot at all.

In fact I have very little movement from below my knee. It is soooo frustrating, but I will try anything to keep myself mobile.

If a splint is what it takes so be it.

Can I ask why you need one and is it uncomfortable and do you need bigger shoes?

Mags xx

Mags PM me and I’ll tell you all about it. If it’s right it won’t be uncomfortable, only you will know. Linda