Spine lesion

Hi 6ish years ago i developed sympyoms of a trapped nerve in my neck which has come and gone for years when its bad its bad but when its calm im ok getting on with everyday life !! But as the years have gone by ive noticed i have had alot more unexplained symptoms Pins and needles on left side comes and goes even my face nose ears eyes ect Loss of sight in left eye which lasted 15 mins one morning a year ago Eye flickering and stabbing pains behind the eyes and left side of face Top of my left foot is totally numb always Forgetting simple word mid sentance Dizzieness that comes and goes ( fainted a few times ) Stabbing pains in feet and limbs Crawling over skin Overwelming feeling in left leg cannot discribe the feeling but it takes my breath away Electric shock stabbing in spine feet hands head limbs Lower back pain My leg just gives way sometimes like its totally disapeared Doc has referred me to neurologist theres a 7 mknth waiting list so i was carring on as normal but one morning got up and was numb on and off down one side and my vision went funny in left eye so rang 111 and they told me to go to A&E which i did and they tested me for a stroke ct and also a brain only mri and bloods all came back clear The stroke doc said your brain mri shows no signs of a stroke or previous strokes . Still waiting to zee neurologist now with most of symtoms daily but noticed that it worsens in bouts were it takes me ages to get out of bed and im so tired when this happens throughout the day x I know i have to wait for the neurologist i know theres no answers till then but just wondering if anyone eles has my symptons ?? I also know it can be alot of other things but the waiting is killing me !! Had these symptoms for 6 years or so but they seem to be getting more freqent im so fed up now !! They tell you not to go on the web but what you ment to do when your feeling lkke this and have to wait a year to be seen x Thank you Gina

I was diagnosed with CIS last year after a lesion was found in the c7 region. I hsve had two further MRIs with contrast… No lesions in the brain and the single lesion in the c7 is showing very faintly now so seems to have diminished.

I had three incidents about 15-16 years ago with numb hands and blurred vision… These were put down to mononeuritis multiplex. No lumbar puncture was done. MRI was clear.

And then nothing til last year when I had muscle spasms in both legs and weakness/neuropathy in both arms and across my back and my chest. The neurologist thinks I have some form of mononeuritis multiplex as well as CIS. I think I hsve MS. I also think it’s going to be hard getting a correct diagnosis and getting on the right meds. I’m seeing the neuro tomorrow so if anyone has any questions I should be asking please let me know.