Spinal lesions

Hi Just wondering currently coming out of a flare 16 weeks , my mri’s showed several lesions on my brain and one on my spine , Question … Do spinal lesions take longer to heal ( if such a thing ) than brain lesions the problems with my legs and arms seem to be hanging around. Thanks . PS … Sorry if its a dumb question Gray

Hi again Gray,

I don’t think there’s any evidence they’re slower to heal, BUT the reason for the difference may be that your brain has adapted to compensate for some of the damage - not that it’s all healed. The brain is very good at doing that. Unfortunately, the same isn’t possible with the spinal cord, because there isn’t an alternative route to achieve the same thing. If your brain wants to talk to your legs, it has to use your spinal cord - it can’t put a diversion in place.


Hi Gray

I can only speak from experience in this, the spinal lesions I had gave me a very numb foot that disappeared within 2 weeks but I had lots of other problems such as spinal pain, weakness on my left side and major balance problems.Fatigue that followed lasted for around a year. I don’t know if i had brain lesions at the same time but didn’t know I had MS at the time and worked through it which was a mistake. I would say, that rest is vital, I don’t think I would have had such bad side effects (and still have spinal pain) if I’d been able to rest.

I hope you get some more informative replies.

Wendy x

Thanks Yea did wonder about the brain getting around things, as you say Tina spine one way up & down , all way back on the pain killers tonight. Keep hoping things will improve, thanks Tina & Wendy the advice is very much appreciated . Take care Gray xx