Spinal Lessions are most likely correlated with physical disability ?

If someone has spinal lessions he/she is most likely to end up in a wheelchair?

The spinal cord has less reserve than the brain because it has a much smaller cross-sectional area which reduces its ability to rewire, though lesions can repair themselves, so spinal lesions can be more problematic than brain lesions. Some spinal lesions do not produce any symptoms though. However, it really depends on how active the MS is in the spinal cord. The more lesions that develop will increase the risk of disability. Treatment that reduces inflammation and slows down MS is something that should be seriously considered.

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I have no expert knowledge, but my understanding is that there is room in the brain for a lesion to cause no trouble if you are very lucky. There’s less room in the tightly-packed spinal cord for a that kind of luck to happen.

Thank you for your reply , I m worried because I have a spinal lession , and that can cause more physical disability which is so unfair for me… because I m only 25 , my life just started , and this disease it s about to take it.

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As people have said above , I believe the progression is the main factor.

Earlier I was reading about John King the CNN anchor , he has had MS for over 20 years and he said when he was diagnosed he saw lesions all over his spine. King is 58 now and still going strong today , see below link to the article.

Of course there are many people with spinal lesions and they have a more aggressive course than King , but thing is , we just don’t know as every individual case is different.

It is awfully hard when MS arrives at a time in our lives when really our health should be the last thing we have to think about. And young adulthood does tend to be when it first rears its ugly head. I am sorry that you have all this to deal with. You’ll find a way to navigate these waters, but I know it’s not easy work, getting one’s head around a life-changing diagnosis like MS. I really feel for you.

If you aren’t already on an effective DMD, please make that your priority. Also, look after the lifestyle things - good food, plenty of sleep, fresh air and exercise, all that. The lifestyle stuff might sound trivial, but it isn’t: it will help you to stay as well as possible for as long as possible. And that is the only show in town.