Speech slowness & lack of alertness = loss of confidence


i had a major relapse last year which i still haven’t fully recovered from. Apart from still having to walk at snail pace I have noticed that my speech is very slow. It is slow & slightly slurred. I am due to resume work as a teacher after a year out.

A part of me is excited to finally be out of the house but a part of me is dreading it. I dont know how i will control the class with my voice being as weak as it is. I want to go out & be able to contribute again. Im not sure whether this loss of confidence is due to the fact that I havent been going out & having much social interaction or whether my confidence loss is due to the realisation that my ms has affected my speech.

i cant let my confidence affect my future. Im hoping my speech will improve the more i speak (to people other than my family) & consequently my confidence returns. I am on the waiting list to see a nhs speech therapist but there is quite a long waiting time

Distant memories tell me that the really scary teachers never had to raise their voices above conversational level and could quell a class with an arch of the eyebrow… :slight_smile:

Seriously, though, of course your confidence isn’t going to be sky-high at the moment. Getting back into things when you have been out of the swing will tend to lead to a case of the nerves, or so my friends who have gone back to their jobs after maternity leave tell me. Only way through that is to take a deep breath and plunge in.

I hope that the return to work goes well for you.