Hi all. This is my first time posting to the forum and would like some advice. My dad has had MS for about 15 years and is now severely incapacitated. More to the point he has developed severe spasticity and contractures in his upper body which makes it very difficult to dress him and has suffered a fracture of his left elbow when his carers at his nursing home were trying to dress him. He is already on the highest dose of Baclofen and is starting on Clonazepam. I just wanted to ask if anybody knew of any specific clothing retailers that stock clothes for people like this? Any feedback would be much appreciated.

Hi and welcome aboard!

Sorry to hear how badly your poor dad is suffering, bless him.

As regarded clothing, I have read info for wheelchair users. Other than that, sorry I don’t know. Try googling:

‘Clothing for wheelchair users’.

Hope it is useful.

Luv poll

Thanks I will give that a try.

sorry i dont know but someone must, i just wanted to get you back on top,

good luck, stay safe dude,