Lycra Leggings/Shorts for Spasticity

Hi folks - me on spasticity again.

Last week I flew to Southhampton and went to dorset orthopaedics and got fitted for SAFO. I will get it in 2 weeks time. The guy there suggested that I try lycra shorts for the spasticity in my quads. There is an article on the MS-Trust website on the benefits of lycra for spasticity. Has anyone here tried the shorts or leggings.


Moyna xxx


Good news - you will soon be getting your SAFO. Mine is still ‘as new’ after 7yrs. l watch the cycling clubs whiz past me - a flash of lycra - and most of the members over 70!! - You can tell by the grey beards - and thats just the women. l have started wearing my new Heat Holder leggings. They are very tight and snug - and warm. Got them from Matalan online - with gloves/socks/tights as well. Weather forecast for the winter being icy and lots of snow.

Moyna, l found l could wear a ‘knee-high’ type sock underneath my SAFO - pull the toe part out first so that the SAFO does not pull it too tight - then l can wear socks over the top and you can’t see it. They fit into most shoes. l think it is more comfortable with a stocking underneath. Easier to get off as well.

Shall look into the benefits of lycra.

Thanks space jacket for the advice. A trial with a safo helped with the foot drop but I also have quad spasticity which is awful. Since the b12 debate a few weeks ago I really feel that just could be my problem. I had radiation treatment in 1990 that is known to effect absorption of nutrients. My initial basic b12 values were low and I get 3 monthly injections. When I got my last one a new symptom in my arm disappeared. It returned a week later and when I tried a patch it disappeared. I went to gp last week and he is reluctant to let me try weekly b12 injections. Essentially I have an issue with my spinal cord and ms cannot be Dx. MOYNA xxx

Moyna, l am trying the b12 patches as well - and l still sometimes take the sachets. Why not ask your GP - to just let you try a weekly injection - if it makes a difference then you have proved that you need them. Can you buy them privately - afraid l did not look into that. l know they are not expensive for GP’s to give. You could offer to do them yourself.

lt might be worth having some sports therapy massage on your leg muscles. Look to see if there is a local ‘college’ that teaches Sports Science - as they are always looking for people to practise [under supervision] on. And they would certainly be interested in a case like yours. l did it some years ago. And one of the ‘students’ then came to my house every week to carry on with the massage/stretching etc.At the college - they were amazed that l walked at all - when they examined what movement l had. They need so many case histories for their diploma. They are very ‘up’ in studying peoples walking gait - and filming to watch on computer. And they also look into how ‘orthotic’ inserts might help. Also these colleges do Aromatherapy/reflexology - all to make you feel more your old self.

Did you have to fund the SAFO - yourself. l did - it was about £800 -back in the day!! But at least you know it will not ‘go wrong’ and no spare parts to get. And you can wear it without shoes. Mine shows no sign of stretching or wear. Occasionally l give it a good wash - soak it in anti-bac handwash.

New leggings back on this morning - as it is frosty. They do not go baggy - return to original shape when l took them off. lnstead of a centre seam - like most tights/ leggings- they have two seams going up front and back. This must be why they stay put so well. l have skinny legs - and usually my leggings look like ‘Nora Batty’s’. l think l ought to put some trousers on over them - as with my chunky big jumper l do look like Max Wall [for the over 60’s only]

Max Wall… make that over 40’s, my Dad used to do impressions of him when I was a kid :wink:

Glad the leggings are working out, I think I need some :slight_smile:

Sonia x

l used to do an impression of him as well - when l was little - .

These HeatHolders are really coming up top of the list - for keeping my -usually frozen legs toasty. Been all round the fields this morning in them on my Tramper. Did put a pair of velour tracky bottoms over them - only to hide my skinny pins. Thick frost this morning - now bright sunshine. The trees in all their autumn glory look magnificent. Really enjoyed myself - then heard a few shotguns going off - and realised l had wandered into a game shoot!! As l had been going around the edge of the fields - l had helped them by driving any birds into their direction. My dog Reg - takes not a bit of notice of the birds - just trots along beside or behind me. Did give one of the beaters a turn - when we met head on - mad lady on disabled scooter - with a rottie. -No its mad disabled lady on scooter. Or as my daughter and her pals call it ‘The SpazChariot’-

Google Heat Holders Sonia - they do tights/leggings/glove/socks - and l found the easiest was from Matalan online.

Hi Spacejacket,

My SAFO is costing me £750 so maybe they are coming down in price - very unusual. I have asked GP about the B12 and I am prepared to do them myself. He wants to get go ahead from neuro first. If B12 is the cause of neurological problems then the protocol is a daily injection (1000ug) daily for 4 weeks, then weekly for 1 year followed by long term monthly treatment.

Sports massage is good and I have had a few sessions. I now use a foam roller to massage my calfs which is goo too. The firm that do the lycra leggings are called DM orthotics. You need to be measured for them and a local firm does that. When I contacted them they said that they are very expensive (a few £hundred) and I should get referred to them by the NHS.

Take Care and thanks

Moyna xxx