Spasticity Question Please

Hi Folks,

In general numbness, pins and needles, optic neuritis and weakness etc are symtpoms that come and go for most people with MS. What about spasticity does it stay ? I was wondering if the muscles have started a new spasticity journey and forget to back track - ie they just slowly keep tightening!

I read that in spinal injury cases spasticity can appear months after the actual injury and get progressively worse.

In my case I had an attack of something (MS looking unlikely) in Nov 2008 with numbness, weakness l’hermittes etc. Felt back to normal by Feb 2009 (95%) ish. Then in October 2009 started to feel tightness in right calf and right quad muscles after exercise. This has gradually continued to get worse making walking and balance difficult now. I had MRI in 2011 and 2012 both showing the one spinal cord lesion. My lumbar punctures have been negative too.

I have tried baclofen and Tizanidine. Neither of them made any difference to the stiffness, although they would make great sleeping tablets! I am seeing the neuro again in 2 weeks and was wondering what I could ask him for.

My key question is can the spasticity vanish the way other symptoms can?


Moyna x

Hi Moyna I don’t know the answer as mine has pretty much been a constant for 7 months now…but…have a look at the posts on magnesium oil spray…it really is helping me. Xx

Thanks Mrs H, that magnesium spray does look good. Better make sure I get the fragrance free one !!! I have tried epson salt baths which are good, but I want the spasticity to disappear!

Thanks Moyna x

Dammit…so you don’t want the smelly one, which I’ve still got going free ?!! Xx

Summer is coming, plenty of school fayres, I’m sure your local school would LOVE it as a raffle prize Mrs H!

Heehee…if you take the top off, you could kill a small child with noxious fumes !!

I wonder if it would improve if you added a few drops of lavendar essential oils.

Moyna x

Nope…trust me, this stuff is completely overwhelming !! I think it would be perfect for someone with blocked sinuses !! Xx