Spasms and Nerve Stimulation

Hi all

Most evenings, when relaxing I often feel pains that resemble pin-pricks - usually in my lower left leg and foot, but not exclusively so. These stabbing pains then trigger spasms.

Tonight, I didn’t have any and, because I know that the spasms will disturb my sleep if I don’t have them earlier, I thought that I would try to stimulate them artificially. So (and this is going to sound a bit mad - stay with me) I started prodding my foot all over with the pointy end of a BIC biro - nothing too sharp, I don’t want to give the impression that I am self-harming.

After ten minutes of winding my legs up into such a state that my spasms were in overdrive I found that continued prodding was having a lesser effect, and not causing spasms. Furthermore, when I stopped I found that, for the first time in months, I could control the muscles in my foot enough to curl my toes at will. I then got up and walked around the room with an almost-normal gait, constrained only by the habit of walking a bit stiffly that has formed since my MS kicked in.

I haven’t tested walking further yet as it’s dark and there are probably bogeymen lurking in the shadows.

I have no medical qualification, I know, but the effect makes sense - surely stimulation of the nerves can only improve them? The effects on me were remarkable and I shall continue with this ‘treatment’ and let you know how I get on.

If there is anyone with better medical knowledge than me, please give me your thoughts and, if there is anyone who suffers in the same way that fancies giving it a try then I would love to hear how you get on - but please, nothing sharper than a BIC biro.



hi bernie

what a curious post. i’m not surprised though because ms is such a weirdo!

in fact i’d be interested in what your neuro says about the biro cure!

anyway that will be irrelevant because msers know best.

i might just try it myself

carole x

Cheers Carole. It may be wierd, but it makes sense to me (but what does that say about me!). Anyway, I would like to know how you get on if you try it. Bernie x

You could just try standing on a prickly doormat - or get a foot roller - [they are wooden with sharp ridges] roll your foot backwards and forwards on it. Even a new scrubbing brush. lt does stimulate the nerves - and for some reason it does get movement back and your ‘brain’ seems to remember it for a while.

When l have had accupuncture - in my leg/ankle/foot - and l am always amazed that afterwards l have no foot-drop - doesn’t last - but its good to know that it hasn’t gone forever!!


Yeh I agree… You are working with the same principles therapists apply when using acupuncture. But be careful you don’t OVER exercise those NEURONAL pathways… Even they will tire and get fatigued too.