Soya mince

I was thinking about what to eat later. In my cupboard is a packet of soya mince and I think I might give that a try. I’m looking for a recipe though. I have quite a few dried herbs, tinned tomatoes, mushrooms and other odds and ends - normally I look at a recipe for something new but there isn’t one for this. I will have a glass of wine and think about something but at short notice (two glasses then) I wonder if anyone has anything to hand?


Save half a glass of wine and make a good old bolognaise…mine would be with pasta and Parmesan…but baked sweet potato wedges or brown rice ? Catherine Xx

Dear Catherine

Thank you. I had just about reached the same conclusion. I can’t think of anything else. I have all those ingredients so off to the kitchen and thanks again.


Or meatballs in a tomato and herb sauce ??

i’d put chilli in because it doesnt have much flavour.