Sorry folks this is a rant

Three days ago the hospital gave me a date (tomorrow) for Radio Freguency Leison op. 6.00 o clock this evening some bloke phoned me to cancel it. I am having to take so many of the ( fit in a here curse of your choice) carbamazepine pills that, I don’t dare leave the flat for falling on my face, no point in answering the phone I wont be able to talk, I’m already sick of mash potato.Grrrrrrrrr


i was on carbamazapine once and they up the dose…ended up staggering about so doc reduced amount…was the worst reaction i’ve had to meds so far…

would call your ms nurse or doc tomorrow

take care


Is that the operation for TN? (Guessing from the mashed potato and carbamazepine!)

I really hope they get you scheduled in again VERY soon!

Karen x