Cancelled my Op Again

My op has been cancelled for the 2nd time.

Booked in now for Wednesday.

Shazzie xx

Argh! Fingers crossed for Weds

Sonia x

Oh no, that’s what happened to my bladder Botox last week. You get yourself all prepared for it mentally and then last minute it’s cancelled. At least it’s rescheduled for this week. (Mine is now next Thursday.)

What a stinker though. You have my sympathy.


You have mine too Sue. I feel shattered.

It just shows what a terrible mess our NHS is in.

Hope your appt next week goes ahead.

Shazzie xx

Oh Shazzie, really sorry to hear that. I was just sending you positive vibes too!!

fingers crossed for Wednesday now.

Keep your chin up!

Linda xx

Thanks Linda.

Positive thoughts like you say.

Shazzie xx

Oh no, what a chuff! The way we get all keyed up for such a mammoth event…only to be let down.

Fingers crossed for Wednesday…3rd time lucky.

Hang in there chuck!


Thanks Poll. I did have a good cry I must admit.


Crossing fingers for tomorrow going smoothly for you

Sonia x

Have you gone in for the op today?


Hi Poll.

Yes. I had op today. All went well under local anaesthetic. Bit sore but all working well.

Thanks huni for thinking of me.

And thanks Sonia. I appreciate it.

Shazzie xx

Oh thank heavens it finally went ahead. Hopefully given a few days of settling down, it’ll transform your life.

So glad for you.


Awww. Thanks Sue.

I’ve got a sore tum but apart from that I’m good.

The op went well. If anyone plans to have this op done under local please don’t fret as all I could feel was pressure, no pain.

Take care all and thanks again Sue.

Shazzie xx