sorry another question about diagnosis

sorry me again! I seem to be daily occurrence at moment, got letter today saying that MRI of head normal, so proceeding to LP did anyone have normal MRI but eventually get diagnosis of ms? I think I’m going mad? may be I’m imagine my symptoms although tried to walk fast on my own to shop this morning as nice but but kept falling over?? how can everything be normal when I feel like this?

Hi Coco (love your user name!). Yes, people do sometimes get dx when lesions aren’t showing… depends on what the LP shows and of course your symptoms. Some people only show lesions on spine and not brain, so they might want to do another MRI, on spine.

Sometimes it’s because the scanner just isn’t showing lesions. Some of the older scanners don’t pick up everything. Sometimes it’s because lesions just aren’t showing. I’m not technical enough to fully understand it.

It’s good that the neuro is proceeding with LP. Many people get dismissed with ‘not MS’ on MRI alone.

You are not going mad or imagining your symptoms, but it’s quite normal to think you are going mad and imagining symptoms. Lots of us think that before dx. Actually I’ve been dx for over 4 years and I still sometimes think it. It’s a guilt thing I think.

You say you kept falling over this morning. Have you thought about using a walking stick? I know it’s a big decision and hard as it’s admitting that you’re disabled, but they make such a huge difference to balance and keep you safe. Worth thinking about if you keep falling over.

Hope you have the LP and some answers soon,

Pat x

Hi, I was one of those, that was more or less dismissed after one MRI…I have been told that I don’t have MS…although the neuro wants to see me again in November.

I was not offered a LP, is this normal, or are most people offered them?

Anyways, life goes on, and I am going to get to the bottom of this!

Good Luck,


Hi Wendy, no not everyone is offered one. They are usually offered if the neuro is having difficulty making a dx… ie all the symptoms of MS but a clear MRI… or not many lesions showing on MRI plus symptoms.

However when you go back in November you could ask the neuro for an LP. I would think he’s leaving it a while to see if your symptoms go away, stay the same, or progress or new symptoms appear. It’s normal to monitor symptoms for some time esp if nothing showed up on the MRI.

Hope this helps… I know November seems an age away but it will come.

Pat x

pat thanks user name favorite perfume! my husband got me a stick but my balance is just awful! at 42 and someone who would normally walk min 5 miles per day I feel I just want to be “normal” for safety though you are right. neuro has been very detailed and thorough she also looked very concerned when she saw me. I did wonder about spine as getting dreadful tingling in legs which are very restless. Wendy I do hope you get sorted and get some answers come November. thank you ladies keep well. debx