Sore arm

Good evening all, I am ‘almost’ diagnosed -waiting for results of evoked potentials at the moment. This eve the palm of my right hand and up the inside of my arm feel very sore to touch, like I am touching a burn, is this just another symptom do you know? Thank you

P.s. I am a little tired at the moment, having building work done, can’t access our lounge so almost living in the bedroom at the moment. Also been doing some DIY - perhaps a little too much?

Could be the DIY, but it might be neuropathic. It can be hard to tell :frowning: Best tell your neuro when next you see him/her or give your MS nurse a call if you have one. If it’s burning without touching it, you could try ice packs or, rather counter intuitively, heat pads - the real signals sort of override the fake ones and give some relief. Neuropathic painkillers deal quite well with burning generally so you could ask your MS nurse or GP to try something if you need help with it. If you’re already on one then an increase in dose might help, but do ask your GP - it might not be MS at all. Sounds like more rest is in order though! Karen x