Sophia Thakur's beautiful poem

I don’t expect to be using the forum so much over the next while, so thought to leave you with something beautiful.

Sophia Thakur’s video shown on Channel 4 News, available on their Facebook page, brought tears to my eyes:

I love good, heartfelt poetry. It is not often that a new poet grabs my attention. But Sophia Thakur has certainly done so, and I thought to draw your attention to her wonderful poem from her inspiring website:

I want you to love yourself

I want you to love yourself

I want you to love yourself so much

that your fear of getting hurt is

belittled by the knowledge of how

amazing, remarkable and worth it

you are, even inside your hurt.

I want you to love yourself so much

that your ego can take blows without

your confidence shaking.

I just want you to love yourself


That is beautiful Lapwing. Thank you.

But why are you leaving us, even temporarily? Hope nothing here has upset you?

You will be missed & I hope you’ll change your mind.

Pat xx

Dear Pat,

I will be back again

It’s just that I’m not going to be using the computer as much over the next while: I’ll be outdoors as much as possible with the better weather, and when I’m at my desk, do more reading of books that I’ve been wanting to read for ages, and finish my drawing project. I need to largely “ignore” the computer for a while in order not to become distracted!

Your advice, and this forum generally, has been immensely helpful to me. I only hope I can give a little of that back!

I will definitely return later in the year.

With best wishes.


Have a good summer Lapwing

Jan x

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Enjoy the summer and the out doors Lapwing, look forward to seeing you back when the weather turns chilly again!

in the meantime take care of yourself,

Nina x

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Have a wonderful summer… reading & drawing & being outside… sounds lovely!

Love Pat xx

Thank you Pat, Jan and Nina! Take good care of yourselves, talk again later in the year!

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Beautiful poem Lapwing

It helps to realise that in all the sadness and anxiety of it all we are all worth something.

Take care, have a nice break

Michelle x

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Thank you Lapwing I like to read poetry XXX Don

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