song lyrics


i put old albums in my car to play as i drive.

these lyrics make me think of ms

"be my enemy" by the waterboys

well the dawn is howling

and the mainframe shakes

i feel like i’ve been sleeping in

a cellarfull of snakes

my wings have been clipped

and my shoes have been stuck with glue.

well if you’ll be my enemy

i’ll be your enemy too.

now i’ve got goons on my landing

thieves on my trail

nazis on my telephone

willing me to fail

they were all sent by someone

obviously you!

well if you’ll be my enemy

i’ll be your enemy too.

i’ve got a bucketful of babylon

i got a handful of lead

i’m gonna put them in a gun man

point it at your head

because you stole all my friends

and you gave me the buffalo blues.

well if you’ll be my enemy

i’ll be your enemy too.

now from the slime on your tongue

to the nails on your toes

from the scales on your skin

to the stains on your clothes

you’re gonna make me have to do something

that i did not want to do.

but if you will be my enemy

i’ll be your enemy too.

my hands are tied

i’m nailed to the floor

feel like i’m knocking on the

Unknown Door

there’s a gun at my back

a knife at my throat

i keep on finding hate mail

in the pockets of my coat

well i’ve been trying to grow

i been cooling my heels

i have been working on the treadmill

i’ve been working in the fields

and i can’t get to sleep

i can’t catch my breath

i can’t stop talking and i


but i will put right this disgrace

i will rearrange you.

if you’ll be my enemy

i’ll be your enemy too.

perhaps it’s just me but this description fits my picture of the MonSter.

good tune too

carole x

Love it - - lots of attitude!!!

I love it to Carole, must listen to it.


Hi Carole,

I love Ed Sheeran songs but Thinking out loud song “When your legs don’t work like they used to before” STOP REMINDING ME LOL.

Snowqueen x

When I had my first big relapse, Patience by Take That was in the charts. I was numb from the waist down so I used to sing

"my bum is numb, has no feeling,

so while I’m still healing" …

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“Every day I’m shuffling…” Can’t think who by

great song choices!!

Loving the song choices


“everyday i’m shuffling” is by LMFAO

and we all know what those abbreviations stand for!

laughing my flipping head off or words to that effect!

I just rearranged my ipod, mostly removing songs that I used to play in class and loading up stuff that me and hubby like so mainly 80s, indie stuff, rock, goth and industrial.

When you said about making you think of MS, this is probably the one I relate to MS most - warning, it does have the F word in it so only look at the link if you won’t be offended It’s a Nine Inch Nails track called Somewhat Damaged, so you can probably see why I link it to MS but just to give you a flavour of lyrics,:

“…flew too high and burnt the wing, lost my faith in everything…” “…broken bruised forgotten sore, too f***ed up to care anymore…”

That might sound like I’m so beaten but I’m not, those tunes help me get it out of my system! I think music is very therapeutic

Sonia x

another great song sonia!

turning into a good thread this xx

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The first song read to me like the protagonist coming off hard drugs, same as ‘mama’ by genesis. Btw my assumptions are not based on personal experience. I am fairly liberal but not THAT liberal…

Pigpen thanks for enlightening me as didn’t know, but I did laugh when you told me…