Something's missing.

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What are we missing? My biggest miss gets the fewest words.


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Your daughter is beautiful, how old is she now? You must really miss her, does she live near enough to you that you’re able to see her often when there’s no lockdown?

The only thing I’m missing is my family, friends and the dog. I speak to mum and my daughter Jen often. My brother lives in Manchester so we usually see him once a month when his shifts allow. He’s working flat out now as they make medical products for both the UK and overseas. With lockdown we can’t visit.

I’ve gotten much more friendly with my neighbours recently. I knew them so say hello to, but now I’d consider them friends. I have a primary school across the road and like you I’ve never realised how much they remind me of the time.

I think having ms has helped me cope with isolation. Not going out doesn’t bother me as I have loads of projects around the house I’m busy with, I’m doing more crafts and cooking and baking again. I’ve not been bothered about travelling like you do. I feel very comfortable and lucky.

There’s a lot of people having a hard time and I feel sorry for them, worried about businesses, employees, keeping children happy with no outside space etc must be really hard.

Take care and stay safe.


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