some advice please

Hi all. Just wanted to pick your brains! I After nearly 12 months of feeling weary, neuralgia pain, pins and needles/numbness in hands, back and sciatic pain in leg foot, numb patch on other foot, all of a sudden I have started to feel much better. . I am undiagnosed and am on a pretty high dose of gabapentin which could explain the ease in sensory problems, but its not like I woke up one day and thought, I won’t feel weary to the point of exhaustion today, or suddenly be able to find my words or remember what I needed from one side of the room to the other! Its just like I have more physical stamina from nowhere.

I feel lucky. What I wanted to know is, have any of you experienced periods like this this prior to being diagnosed?

Thankyou and hope you are all keeping well.


ps. sorry if this appears twice. Thought I’d posted but did not appear on forum. Doh!