so washed out...........sooooo fed up!

Allo all.

Havent had enough strength to come on…difficult now, as I have had awful side effects from co-codamol.

Had the GP out on Thursday, due to the severe pain in my tum. It`s 12 weeks since my suprapubic catheter was fitted and the pain started that night! Kept having district nurses come dress and check it. The wound over-granulated and then ulcerated and is so raw and sore . Sometimes the tube gets pulled by accident and boy! does it hurt! On the plus side, it has always drained bootifully!

So doc put me on co-codamil for the pain. Examined me and said he could feel tenderness in my tum…tell me about it!

He said he would chase up the neuro`s report from 16th re the scan. He would also try to get my November follow up appt, with the urologist brought forward. Sis came to sleepover Thursday and we decided a trip out on Friday would cheer me up.

Carer Bev came 9am yesterday and we were all in good humour…we are x rated when we all get together and poor hubby has to keep out of our way! His blushes get blushes sometimes!

So, I was on Charlie commode, about to be wheeled into the shower, when I suddenly felt light headed, then dizziness and nausea followed…all very typical of my never ending menopause funny turns…11 years now!

When these attacks occur, all I want to do is lie down. I was telling the girls to hurry up and get me slung up, hoisted and onto my bed. They did their best,but it felt like an age, waiting for my bonce to hit the pillow. Right, within 15 minutes it had gone and I felt right as rain…well as much as any of us can, eh?

I had a bed bath and was dressed in my going out clobber. Fine. Off we went. Now as soon as my wheels hit the concrete drive…Percy Pig Pain let me know he was still lurking in my tum. Ouch! But no, we still go and the retail outlet (yummy yummy) was only 5 minutes away. We got there and began looking at their wares…they sell everything from a tin opener to a wedding outfit…oh, thats a story for another time..............horrible one, actually,........I selected 2 red and white duvet covers and a shower caddy to replace the mouldy, rusty one that festers in my shower now........then we went upstairs to look at clothes.........sis picked up a couple of was a steal at £ and grey with diagonal stitching..............I chose 3 I dont usually try stuff on, but thought Id make the effort…the fitting room was tight and claustrophobic…I suggested to the sales assistant that she get one partition wall taken down to make a larger disabled friendly room…she said the whole lot would fall down…I let it go. The clothes hooks were high up, so that a be-wheelchaired person could never reach them…I suggested they be lowered…assistant walked away…nice!

Anyroad, the tops didnt look nice…at least not on my potato busting sack of a body!

As I got my own clobber back on, an old friend popped in to say hi…No it wasnt a human pal, but stupid wobbly, dizzy head! Sis saw my head flop and took me out into the sales room. I told her what was going on and she held my hand. I said I wanted to lean my head against her…did that…but she`s too slim and boney! She nicked a cushion from a near-by display and some flowers fell on the floor! I had my eyes closed, but she told me later.

It took 20 mins or so to get myself back under some sort of control and sis rang hubby to come get us. In her dash to get to me, she still had this £10 creation on and asked what i thought to it. I politely said, You look a chuff! She agreed and took it off!

We got me home and into my recliner, fed me a light lunch and emptied me we bag!

Hubby took Chris home. About 5pm, I went to bed and needed the commode an hour later. As I contemplated me navel (some navel now…cant chuffin find it!) guess who came for a 3rd visit that day? Yep, chuffin wobble head again! Rushed back into bed and slept on and off all night.

Chuff knows why, but around 4am, I poked myself in the spc wound and yeh, it hurt gallons!

Move on to 9am, Bev came, got me up and oh no…would you Adam and Eve it?Wobble called again! That made it 4 times in less than 2 days!

So I have decided it aint the good ol menopause, but the co-codamol…hubby googled the subject and yeh…dizziness, constipation, nausea, sleepiness…all side effects.

So I aint tekking `em now! Yup, pain is chronic mostly when I move.

I`ll be ringing GP Monday asap.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend chums!

much luv Pollx

ps, it`s taken an age to write this epilogue!

Hi Poll, I cant take co-codamol either gives me nausea!

You have had a very busy time if it!

Love Moyna xxx

Hi Poll Co-codamol is just downright offensive to my system too. I won’t take it anymore. Hope the weekend improves. Xx

I’m slightly better with co-codamol than tramadol. That stuff is horrible.


Oh Poll you are having a rough time of it. I send you big hugs but won’t squeeze too hard. I am spending the day in bed after going on a night out. Take care. Pain killers have terrible side effects after being pumped full of them during my two weeks in hospital the pain I experienced was horrendousI thought i would nnever stop. Barney

Oh Poll darling what a saga!

I knew that the dizziness wasn’t menopause when you mentioned it the other day. You and me hon are virtually the same age and I know that menopause has packed its bags and moved out!!!

Hope you are feeling better now you’ve stopped the co-codamol. As if things aren’t tough enough without bloody side-effects making things worse!!!

Hope you are having a nice Saturday Poll and no more dizzy spells?

I’m in dressing-gown in the recliner and about to look through stuff I’ve recorded to watch. Wishing I had some chocolate… but I’m always wishing that!

Love Pat xx

Oh Poll. I’m sorry your havin such a chuffin trying time at the mo, especially wit old friends visiting! !!! Hope you feel better soon and you have a better day. Take care Hugs to you Kate x x x

Hello Pol,

Just maybe this might help with the taking ‘co-codomol’ problem hun…Make sure that you have eaten and lined your stomache with food before you take them. i got the nausea issue when i started with them but nurse told me about eating with them. for me it has really helped but i know we are all so very different hun.

really hope this helps you and your feeling better soon,

God Blessx Anna z


You’re having a tough time of it lately. Hopefully your GP can find a painkiller that you can tolerate and they’ll sort out your spc soon as well.

Tracey x

Fingers crossed hun that they get some painkillers sorted out for you that you can take & that they get your catheter sorted too. Sending you lots of gentle hugs JBK xx

Oh Poll I do feel for you, it has been a horrid time for you lately, hope you feel better today.

These painkillers really do have horrific side effects, ring that gp Monday morning to see what advice he can give.

Strictly is on later, hope you enjoy it, if nowt else its a distraction.

Pam x

Oh Polly, you poor thing :frowning:

I was given codeine last year to slow my bowels down and it was terrible - I seemed to hit my head at every conceivable opportunity! One morning I dropped the ticket in the car park so I bent to pick it up… and clouted my head on 2 wing mirrors when I stood up - I mean WTF, they weren’t there when I bent down, surely?! Don’t panic, I didn’t drive, hubby did as I didn’t feel safe.

I stopped taking the stuff before I saw the doctor again, nasty, evil stuff! Just a temporary diversion from immodium with weird side-effects. Oh, and after 2 weeks it gave me an upset stomachm exactky what I was taking it to prevent!

You take care sweetie, I really hope you’re on the mend sooner and off the co-codamol soon.

Sonia x

Hi Poll, you are a wee soul are you not? So sorry you are feeling so poorly. Hope you are feeling better now you are off the co codomol and they find something that takes the pain away without flooring you. Linda x

Morning all my very dear friends!

I am a bit better today, ta. But still feeling fragile…you wouldnt think a 14 stoner could feel fragile, would you?

its amazing how many of us cant tolerate co-codamol. The dose was 30/500mg and having googled the drug, that dose is the maximum. All those nasty side-effects , yet I still had the chuffin` pain! Rickydoodilus, eh? Oh and the blurb says taking it with amitriptyline will make you sleepy…it did!

Anna, thanks for the tip re eating hun, but i`ve stopped the pills.

Pam, I woke up for Strictly…I thought the rugby player was a dish to look at, but like a lump of wood for dancing.

I think the 1st to go might be Tony Jacklin. Who are you backing?

I will be ringing the doc`s tomorrow first thing for a telephone appointment.

luv Pollx

Morning Poll, glad you are a wee bit better today. Let’s hope now you have stopped those pills you feel even more well and the doc’s tomorrow can give you something to help with pain but not knock you out. I love Strictly but hark back to the days when the women wore those big skirts with a million underskirts. Had a wee look on you tube and they looked ever so elegant. Really showing my age now. Now the dancers come out in little more than spangles covering their bits and then only a small part of their bits. Linda x

Oh Poll. You poor thing. I really feel for you. I wish I could say “All you need to do is …” and it would all go away but there is nothing I can say to make it better, apart from sending you a great big hug from a 13 stoner!!! At least we can give big hugs eh?

Try and take it even steadier than you usually do hun.

When I come back from hols in our caravan I always suffer for a few weeks. Do you reckon you overdid it a bit on your hols?

(((((big hugs))))

Shazzie xx

Hi Linda and Shazzie, ta for your support.

Yes, I KNOW the holiday did me in. It caused the ulceration with the tube rubbing againt me in the journey there and back.


That wouldn’t have helped then Poll, You poor thing.

It’s not nice suffering every time we look forward to something so much then having to pay for it afterwards.


Lots of tlc needed I reckon!!

Shazzie xx

Hi Poll,

Shazzie right - you need tlc. Forget the diet for today and have a cup of tea and a biscuit. Although did you know that a jaffa cake is only 48 calories and even a two finger kitkat is only 106. Go on - have a splurge.

Take care hun with lots of hugs

JBK xx

hi poll

i agree with JBK, jaffa cakes contain the idea of oranges so thats one of your 5 a day. top it up with wine (made from grapes) and a bar of fruit and nut and you should feel better.

sending lots of love and gentle hugs

hope you are soon back to the old Poll

carole xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx