so proud of my husbend he is my hero

Hi guys feeling emotional and proud my husband was diagnosed with progressive ms a year ago he went from walking to being on crutches to having his first wheel chair everything is moving so fast all this in just a year .but yet he gets up everyday and goes to work he is a technician and works hard as a mechanic he would not be able to work like he does with out the help of the guys he works with .he falls a lot now hardly has feeling from waist now lower muscles are not working in so many areas now but every day he has his battle with his ms and won’t let it win yet .he has a smile on his

face everyday he makes me laugh everyday last night he looked at wheelchair and said hmm how do I fit my kindle .iPod and a turbo button .then looks at me and says its OK don’t worry but how do you not worry when you love them so much .I think what I’m saying is ms might win the war but stay strong and keep fighting and we will win a battle now and again … :slight_smile:

That’s a very inspirational story. Hats off to him. I will keep him in mind when I’m feeling down. My husband is a mechanic so I can imagin its very hard to do without that vital support. He is a hero! Xxx

He’s a good lad,treasure each other.


He sounds amazing :slight_smile:

Karen x

you’ve got a good one there budda, love to you both x

A positive view on life. Lovely to hear and share.

Jen x

Sending both you and your fella a great big hug and a kiss too!

Long may he remain well enough to work…but he must give himself rest times too.

luv Pollx

Hi, what a lovely post, what a fantastic guy your hubbie is and he must be lucky to have you too as its so obvious how much you love him. Take care the both of you. Karen Xx