So confused

Hi all Just got back from the assessment clinic and doctor I saw confirmed I was having a relapse. She’s prescribed me oral methylprednisolone 500mg for five days. However, she wasn’t clear about whether I should continue with the gabapentin and stemetil. She just said if they aren’t working don’t bother and that she wouldn’t expect the stemetil to help someone with ms. But it was my ms nurse who asked the gp to prescribe it. I don’t know if they’re working or not because of relapse symptoms. Feel like I don’t know if I’m coming or going. My rebif goes up to 22mg tonight as well so I’m worried about possible side effects from that. Feeling really fed up and just wanted a moan. I know I can rely on you guys to advise or just cheer me up. You’re all so lovely!

Hi, no wonder you are confused…I would be too!

You need clarification. Contact your GP. Ring the surgery and say you need an urgent word with your GP. If you are wary of taking any meds, you need to ask before you take them, yeh?

My GP rang me at 6.15pm last week. So they do work past tea time.


I agree with Poll give your gp a ring and they deffinatley do work late mine rung at 6.45pm yesterday to answer a query of mine. Sue x

Thanks Poll. Ive just remembered that the rebif nurse is coming to see me tomorrow so I’ll see if she can clarify things for me…