Does anybody else have problems sleeping? Some nights I have no problems, other nights I wake up in the early hours and cant get back to sleep for at least an hour. I suffer from fatigue during the day anyway and sleep for about an hour every afternoon.

Hi Vic, it can be a problem.

Try Kalms Nightime. You can get them at the chemist; they’re herbal but really work well & you won’t feel like a zombie in the morning.

Also, if you are watching TV before going to bed, try reading or listening to the radio for an hour. The flickering images on TV stimulate the brain and is not good for a good night’s sleep.

Same when you wake during the night… don’t lie there trying to get back to sleep. Have some warm milk or herbal tea (camomile is particularly good) and read or listen to radio for a while.

Hope this helps,

Pat x

Sleep problems are common in MS. Some of it is because of pain or other symptoms and some because insomnia can be a symptom itself, but it can also be because of depression and because of poor sleep patterns. Maybe try not sleeping during the day, or sleep less during the day? It might help. If not… I’ve found a few things to help when I get bouts of insomnia. Never to look at the clock, to accept that I’m going to be awake for a while and that at least I’m resting (ie not get annoyed and start tossing and turning), to not go to the loo unless I definitely need to. If I have two nights in a row with less than 4/5 hours sleep, I take a sleeping pill on the third night - it usually helps to break the cycle. Karen x