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Can someone tell me where you alter the size of print when reading on the forum. Mine is very tiny and thin if that makes sense and it’s very difficult. Also are there still issues because the pages are loading very slow. I’ve looked for preferences but can’t find it. Thanks.

If you click on the text top right of this page where it says ‘Welcome Back Deanne’ then hover over that and you’ll see a option ‘Take me to my Homepage’. Once there, you’ll see a link to My Preferences in a block on the left and take it from there.

Hope that helps :slight_smile:

Hi Deanne

Hopefully Eiona’s helpful advice will sort out the problem but if it doesn’t and more generally… On a mac I can increase the print size for any website (or document) by pressing and holding cmd then pressing the + key, likewise to reverse press and hold cmd then the - button.

I know there is a way to do this in Windows but I can’t remember it but I am sure Google will be able to help. I think it is something like simultaneoously press and hold CTRL and Shift then press the + key or it might be the > key.

Hope you can get this sorted.


thanks very much ive found it with both your help x

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As a followon to Anns post:
In Windows, try:
1 - Hold down CTRL and press the + and - keys to change the size.
2 - If you have a scroll-wheel mouse, hold down CTRLand move the scroll wheel back and forward.

These methods both work using Firefox, under Win 7,


An even easier way on Windows 7 IE11 is to change the zoom level on the bottom bar of your browser.

Deanna- thanks for raising this in the first place because having done what I’ve just posted, I can see things better myself :wink: