size matters (MS43)

Okay, yes, I know Ive asked before...but Ive just got to do something about the size of this font…it`s driving me nuts!

How do I do it? The box above that says NORMAL etc, doesn`t work for me!

luv Pollx

After you have typed a reply, you high light the text that you want to change
and then select the size and font colour that you want to apply to the high lighted text.

To enlarge the text as (before) you type select control (Ctrl) and + on your keyboard.


Is it big? or is it bigger?

[a=200]So the thing is bigger on the inside? Think I’m getting the idea

OH the control button with + button is a revelation!!! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Thanks for those who posted the info. I can finally see what I’m typing!!!

Pat x

Or hold down Ctrl and move your scroll wheel.

Thank you for saying about control and + I had no idea, it makes life so much easier.

Oh how I somtimes wish I was a wizz kid on the computer!