I`m back!

Hey guys! Im back! But i dont know how to make my font larger! Can anyone help? What a time its been, eh? I tried many times to log on, but got sooo tired and many of you did too, I know! What made the difference? I e-mailed the MSS itself, telling them of my difficulties with the new system and how sad I was to lose contact with so many supportive friends. I got a reply today, apologising and asking me to try again, that theyd fixed all the problems and to let them know how i go on. Ill do that when I see replies etc. ive missed you all so much…but I did swap e-mail addresses with several bodies, so I wasnt completely left out in the cold! Ive had to change my password, but managed that…after a few tries! So how is everyone? I`m looking forward to our chats again and hope everyone is as well as they can be. lots of luv, Pollxxx

Hi Poll, pleased to have you back. Suz xx

Welcome home Poll. Do you want the font larger on the board to read more easily. Or do you want to type with larger font ? Lynn x

MS43 wrote:

Hey guys! Im back! But i dont know how to make my font larger! Can anyone help? lots of luv, Pollxxx

Whebn you go to post a reply , there’s a series of icons along the top of the bit you’re typing in - select the scroll down button which is set to ‘Normal’ - click on the arrow & you’ll see other size options like LARGE and HUGE. To make the screen you’re reading larger press Ctrl (bottom left of your keyboard) together with the key that has the + sign on it. Welcome back :slight_smile:

Hi Poll, Wo wo you’re back!!! Well done on getting onto the new system - think people are getting used to it now - just a shame we don’t have our avatars (pictures) but think they are coming back soon. bye, Jen x

Good to have you back Poll. :smiley: XX S

Hi Poll, So glad you’re back. :smiley: Thought for a mo we’d lost our star player! These boards will take time to get used to eh? Anne x

Hiya! Golly but it is good to see you here. And the Anonymouse has peeped in through a freshly gnawed hole too; it is lovely! :smiley: Clare

Welcome Poll it is so good to see you xx Maria.

Good to have you back Poll I was just getting to talk to you when everything went pear shaped lol Mark xx