Siponimod DMT

Experiences of this drugGood and Bad
Please can I have your experiences of Siponimod.
I have been offered this drug and am embarking on the tests to see if my body is well enough to start the treatment once all the tests come back.
I have tried many DMT’s over the years none of which have been suitable due to side effects. I would love to hear your feedback. Many thanks

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I have Secondary Progressive MS now and have been taking Siponimod for around three months. I was given an MRI scan before taking them and one after a month or so. In the first MRI scan new scarring showed up on the brain and spine. After the four or six weeks I was scanned again and there had been no noticeable progression.

I won’t be scanned for another year now which must indicate that my condition has stabilised?

I am also doing twice weekly zoom work outs by MS Physiotherapists which I can do whilst on a chair, these are called Neuro Heroes and are incredibly beneficial with stopping my condition from deteriorating. They help with a number of things like balance , strength, coordination etc…

I personally would recommend Siponimod