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Single Foot drop - Worried

Hi all,

Very worried and maybe overthinking but just want to state my situation and see if anyone has any feedback.

I randomly got footdrop on one foot. No injury caused it, it just happened out of the blue about a week ago. I’ve since been to the doctors where they took bloods which showed nothing of concern and went back again today where they checked my reflexes. There were reflexes but not as strong as the other foot. I’ve no loss of sensation anywhere, just unable to lift my foot up, all other directions are absolutely fine. I can wiggle my toes and that’s it really. I can point my foot down and bring it back ‘level’, just not lift it from level upwards.

The doctor says no alarm bells are ringing and it’s likely a pinched/damaged/trapped nerve from crossing my legs but she will refer me to a neurologist just to be sure. I’m 36, healthy and MS doesn’t run in my family. She then started going on about there always being a chance it could be MS which obviously had me very worried so wondering if any of you have any opinions on what’s going on here from what I’ve said above. I’m unlikely to be seen quickly hence the panic and worry.

There are a few things that can cause foot drop and hopefully, it is nothing more than a trapped nerve. In my case the problem got slowly worse over time, although that is not much of a guide.

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