Simple Partial Seizures

I have secondary progressive MS, and have recently been told that I am having Simple Partial Seizures (mild epileptic type seizures). Has anyone else developed this, and if so are you taking medication for it? I was prescribed medication (can’t remember the name), but I was unable to tolerate it, as it totally wiped me out, even on the lowest dose possible. The seizures pass in seconds and don’t bother me at all, but I am concerned that they may become more serious. Does anyone have any experience of this? It’s really just a strange feeling similar to deja vu, but more intense, as though something amazing is going to happen. Impossible to describe.

Yes, I have complex partial seizures. You have simples ones but I don’t know what the difference is. I take Tegretol aka carbemazepine. I don’t know if that works or not because I still have seizures. My seizures are like time lapses. I go absent for a minute or two and have no memory or awareness of a few minutes.

Sometimes the time warp is longer and I lose hours or so it seems. Weird things!

Hello Scott

I had focal motor epilepsy as an early MS symptom, before I was diagnosed. It manifested as very transient, one-sided tremors which affected me for about 6 months before gradually disappearing . They haven’t recurred thus far (about 3 1/2 years now ). I didn’t have any treatment . I had to stop driving, of course, since the DVLA doesn’t distinguish between different types of epilepsy, but was able to restart 12 months after the last episode. I think that MS does sometimes cause epilepsy due to brain lesions and it seems reasonable that the symptom may may go as with other MS remissions. Btw I take gabapentin for pain - relief ,which is also prescribed for epilepsy sometimes ( I only started taking it long after my seizures went ). It wiped me out initially but I soon became used to it.

Best Wishes


hi scot

thanks for posting this.

i have had absences for a few years now.

it was your description of deja vu feelings and losing an hour or two that rang a bell for me.

i haven’t told my doctor although i told my ms nurse a couple of years ago.

nobody has said that it is a mild epileptic seizure and therefore i am not on medication.

my family have just begun to understand that it is my ms not me that causes this.

carole xx

Hi Scott, 10 years ago, I had something similar to seizures…I knew in advance when they were coming, similar to people with seizures, then I had a sharp pain in my head (like ice pick head aches) followed with spasms that affected just my right side as well as my speech until it passed, which was 3 - 5 mins. I was in hospital for 2 weeks & was given iv steroids and also gabapentin. This was my second relapse in 3 months which led to my diagnoses thanks to progession on my mri! Ive not suffered as bad since but sometimes get the sharp head pains which I associate to my nerve pathways being under attack! I was restricted from driving st the time & just have the usual 3 yr licence.