Silly question, but when/how do you take your Vitamin D?

OK, I’ve been taking Vitamin D supplements for over five years - ever since MS was first suspected. I didn’t wait for it to be confirmed, and to be told I should be supplementing.

Today, after all this time, I’ve just noticed the packet says: “Do not take on an empty stomach.”

But I’ve always been doing this - the whole five years. I take them at breakfast time - except I don’t eat breakfast - so they (and some Baclofen) are my breakfast - washed down with coffee.

I’ve not suffered any ill-effects, and have been relapse-free the whole time, so should I care I’m “doing it wrong”, or just carry on?

I could switch to after a meal, but I take so many pills and supplements throughout the day, I tried to spread them out a bit, otherwise it’s a lot to take after meals. It had never occurred to me that Vitamin D might be one you shouldn’t take on an empty stomach. I’m not sure if the instructions have always said that, or if it’s new labelling (I’ve just opened a new box).

As everything seems to be working out OK, I’m tempted not to fix what isn’t broken. Do you not absorb it properly if taken on an empty stomach, or conversely, absorb too much? Anybody know?

I only take 2000 IU per day, if that’s of any relevance - not the super-high doses favoured by some.


Vitamin D is fat soluble, so best taken after “fattiest” meal of the day (I don’t think that means only after chips ), but I don’t think it will do you any harm, just not be absorbed as well.

Jo x

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Oh well, as I’ve been doing it this way for years, and nothing earth-shatteringly awful has happened - that I’ve found out about yet - I think I’ll stick with the routine I’m into. If I start messing about with it now, I think all that will happen is I’ll forget them. At least I’ve settled into a nice habit where I know what I’m supposed to be taking. And, touch wood, I can’t be doing anything that badly wrong, or I’d be lots worse than I am.




Not sure it counts as “fatty”, but I take an Omega-3 capsule after breakfast along with my vit D - cos I’d just forget to take my vitamins as well if I didn’t take them at breakfast time.

Jo x

Vitamin D is fat soluble which means that if not taken with a fatty meal /substance it is not absorbed into your system. Meaning it will do nothing good or bad.

Vitamin D is absorbed into the system, taken with or without food.

If taken with food containing fat then it does, according to some studies increase the levels in the blood more then taken on an empty stomach. I should think taking it with a drink of milk would be sufficient.


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i think having a full stomach aids a greater vit D absorption.

its similar (but different) to how B12 is completely neutralised by stomach acid; thus one should avoid any pill or potion which is to be swallowed. you either dissolve sublingually, or get an inhaler.

I took this from the Vitamin D Council website.

“it doesn’t matter what form of vitamin D you take, whether it’s in a capsule, tablet or liquid drop. For most people, vitamin D is easily absorbed in the body and you don’t need to worry about what time of day you take it or whether you take it with meals”


sun burnt mushrooms are good at any time of the day!

I know I don’t have low level (too high last time checked!) so I’ve switched to a Vit D oral spray, it tastes quite nice and sits on a shelf next to my moisturiser. Weirdly, it feels quite nice to skip a pill a day

Sonia x

Thanks, I’m not going to worry, and keep doing whatever’s convenient.

Whether recent absence of relapses (can’t type with my fingers crossed!) is anything to do with vitamin D supplementation or not, I can’t be doing anything too badly wrong.

If I hadn’t suddenly glanced down at the pack labelling, I’d have probably carried on another five years without giving it a second thought. I’m still not entirely sure it isn’t revised labelling that’s only appeared recently.

Also, the one and only time my vitamin D levels were checked, they weren’t low (I was already supplementing). So either the supplements are working as planned, or possibly I wasn’t much in need of them in the first place. But I will continue to take them regardless, as advised by my neuro - who’s never said anything about “with meals”, or any other advice - except to take them!



Hi Sonia,

I don’t think it’s weird to be pleased about skipping a pill (in my case it would be two). When you’re on so many, it does feel like a “result” to be able to strike one or two off the list.

I’ve no idea how mouth spray compares in terms of absorption etc. I suppose if I’d have to do a spray, I might as well stick with the pills. Already doing gargling and nasal sprays for problems unrelated to MS (permanent tickly throat/rhinitis), so perhaps an extra spray to administer is really no different to keeping on with the tablets. I’ve never had problems with taking pills - although there are now so many that I have got into a bad habit of popping two or three in my mouth at once - which increases the risk of one going “the wrong way” and inducing a coughing fit.

But if I can still manage steak and chips, tablets should not really be a big deal.



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Hi Tina

Yes, I take a little extra care when throwing my pills in together now, simply because the Baclofen pill (powdery) tends to stick whilst the pregabalin ‘hard capsule’ goes down easy. I’ve nearly come a cropper a few times, thinking all gone then realising not

With you on the steak BUT did have a really bad moment recently. We were out with my sister and her fella, I was laughing so much during dinner and then after - each bout of laughter came with a coughing fit… and on the final one I inevitably vomited. Luckily only a teensy bit but a wasted sip of wine anyway!

Sonia x

Yes, The oral spray is the best for absorption. l read in Pathways mag - that about 90% of the tablets is just passed through the stomach and not absorbed. Which l think is why my levels never got above 98nmols. And that was on 20.000ius daily. So l now use the spray - tastes minty very pleasant. DLUX Better You 3000ius. ln your mouth it is going straight into the bloodstream.

l am going to send for another test from CityAssay Lab B/ham - and see if it has improved. This is a postal - pin-prick test and the results are emailed to you. Costs £28. But very comprehensive. Much better then the GP’s. Ring 0121 507 4278 have your debit card handy. l did get tested every 6months - but have left it for quite a long time as my level was not improving. 150/225 is a good level.

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Yes Spacejacket, I’m using the Better You DLUX too, but mines only 1,000iu tho. It is quite pleasant tho I agree. I use the Magnesium spray on my legs and that’s from the same company, they have some nice producs

Sonia x

l see they also do a version for babies/infants and another for juniors. Good way to get vitd3 into children. l always thought ‘breast was best’ - then l found out that breastmilk does not contain vitd3. Formula milk is fortified with vitd3.

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I don’t actually know the pros / cons of taking too much Vitamin D, but am currently taking the Oral Drops @ 4000 IU.

It’s mixed with olive oil, so a strange taste to have first thing in the morning.

It’s also a little hard to measure, supposed to be 2 drops, but may actually be 3 or 4 ?

Not sure of the best absorption method, but like you say, carry on as you have for the last 5 years