I have MS and am now permanently in a wheelchair. When my legs stopped working, it was simply a case of allowing my electric wheelchair to take over. Unfortunately, now that my hands are misbehaving, life is becoming quite difficult. Emailing on my computer has been made easy with Dragon NaturallySpeaking technology, but there are times when a signature is necessary. I can get someone to ‘p.p.’ a letter for me, but there are certain documents (such as tax forms, share certificates etc.) which require my actual signature.

There must be lots of people out there with the same difficulty, but for different reasons. I know that I could add someone to my bank accounts, so that they could sign cheques, and I know that I could invoke my Lasting Power of Attorney, but don’t want to do this unless I have lost mental capacity.

Any suggestions, please.

l think any ‘mark’ that you can achieve for a signature is acceptable - as long as you can replicate it. My OH - is very capable of writing - but all his life he has done a weird swiggle for his signature -and it is accepted. He was a finance director - and had to sign his name on mountains of documents. You would never know it was his name. The sort of writing that Dr’s used to scribble on prescriptions - before they became computerised.

l do admire the way you manage to use a computer - and your electric wheelchair. So l am sure you will find a way of overcoming signing your signature. You certainly do not sound like someone to let anything beat them.


I am no longer able to write (thanks MS!!) or even hold a pen. I explain this to whoever is asking for my signature and we usually find a way round it that I can manage.

I’ve even made an ‘X’ with my ‘wrong’ hand to sign a document and that’s been deemed acceptable, so I agree with what Spacejacket says about signing things (…bet you’re hugely relieved to have this concurrence ).



I have the same problem with my signature in that it seems to differ each time Isign something. As of yet, it hasn’t caused any problems when writing cheques.

One area where I took action was when I registered for a postal vote. Originally they required a copy of my signature which would be checked against the signature used when I made any vote. As I was aware that my signature would differ, I registered for the non-signature option which only requires me to provide my DoB when voting.


I did have trouble with my handwriting as one of my very first symptoms so I have notified my bank that this may become a possibility at any time and they may have to ask me additional security questions to verify it is me. They have logged this on their database for future reference just to put my mind at rest. I’ve also told them that if I slur my words it doesn’t mean I am drunk :wink:


Many thanks for everyone’s comments - greatly appreciated. This is the first time I have use this site and it’s taken me ages to find the replies! LOL

I tried to reply to everyone personally, but not everyone was available for replies (unless it was me, doing it wrongly!)