sick leave

I have been diagnosed 5 years and had one relapse and period of time off work. this past week i have developed vertigo and obviously cannot drive or work. i phoned my boss to let her know and her only comment was, will you be back within 2 weeks because xxxxxx who had handed her notice in) wont stay on any extra days. i feel bad physically and now i feel im putting my colleagues under pressure. i am considering contacting our work union, am i within my rights to feel almost bullied??

Has she put any of this in an email or anything? Yes it is harassment of sorts!

Polly xxx

hi nicola

keep note of anything that is said.

do you work for a large company? if so they should have an occupational health dept.

don’t feel under pressure to rush back before you are well enough.

sick notes from your doctor should suffice.

take care because your health is the most important thing.

carole x

Hi just a couple of things about your vertigo I had a very bad relapse 2 years ago which included vertigo and found stugeron very help full it’s for travel sickness and it was finally stopped by propranadol had a great consultant in ENT anyway I did loose my hearing in one of my ears so I now have a hearing aid which helps but the vertigo has gone thank goodness it’s one of the worst symptoms I have ever had so hope you a can recover from it soon .