Shoulder fatigue

Not had any issues with my arms before, but over last couple of weeks I’ve noticed my shoulder gets tired quicky from small things. e.g holding a newspaper; using hair clippers - had to change hands about a couple of times. It feels like the fatigue that sets in when you have to try and wire up a ceiling light if you know what i mean.Anybody notice this as some sort of precursor?

Kind of normal for my whole body! Never been a precursor for anything though - it just is.

Karen x

yes i get this all the time although i dont know when it started as it was so gradual but can feel it getting worse.

mine is in both arms and raising the arms to do something gets tiring almost instantly and when my arms are bent at the elbow pins and needles get stronger and when i mentioned this to neuro amongst other things he told me possible ms and he told me where he thought my lesions were (3).

since there was only one non specific lesion he withdrew his diagnosis , since then have been told it was ME, now am being told its all in my head!

best wishes


Normal for me too - but not as a precursor to anything.

When I first began getting symptoms - years before I was diagnosed, or even suspected of having MS - they were almost exclusively confined to my lower body.

I used to find my legs rather mysteriously got tired, when I hadn’t so much as broken a sweat or got mildly out-of-breath.

I thought this was strange, but not particularly sinister, at the time.

Since then, the same effect has spread to pretty much my whole body. All the muscles feel weak, and get tired. Sometimes, if I have to hold anything heavy, or maintain a position for too long, I develop tremor, too - the muscle physically shakes with effort.

I do quite a tough workout, with weights, to try to preserve muscle strength as far as possible. It sounds counter-intuitive to deliberately do the very thing that causes a problem, but I do find I’m a little better when I’ve been doing it regularly - despite hating it at the time.