Should I look for new job while in limbo?


I haven’t been diagnosed with MS and realise my symptoms may be due to something else. I’ve been having problems with numbness, tingling, double vision and fatigue and had my first neurology appointment in October. I’ve had a clear MRI and I’m waiting for a lumbar puncture (which I’ll decide about when I get the appointment as pretty freaked out at the thought). Incidentally my dad was diagnosed with MS after years of various symptoms around the time I had my first neurology appointment.

I’m a lot better than I was in the summer, when I could barely use one arm and hand, and had to walk with a stick as I could barely feel my leg and foot and was afraid of falling over, in fact I’ve been back at work full time since October. I still have some numbness and I still struggle with fatigue, but I’m managing. I’m aware MS is in the medical people’s minds as a possibility, but also that it might not be, that even the lumbar might not show anything, and that I may never have another bad episode like I did this summer, or that it could happen some time in the future. So a lot of uncertainty.

I’m really unhappy in my current job and desperate to look for something else, but part of me thinks I’d be stupid to leave the security of a job I’ve been in for several years at this moment in time, and to perhaps to wait until later in the year. I wondered if anyone had any thoughts about looking to change jobs while in limbo? Has anyone done it and how did it go?

I’m even more hesitant as I’ve had quite bad tingling in my face, head, neck and arm again the last couple of days, which is a worry. I don’t know if I should tell my GP or just keep a note.

I’m sorry to write when people are dealing with far more important things, and would be grateful for any comments or ideas.

Thank you in advance and all the best.

HI there!

First off, you dont need to apologise for asking questions. That`s what this forum is all about… here we try to support, advise or just be a listening (reading) ear, for folk who are scared, worried, feeling lost and alone in their health issues.

I`m a kind of honourary member here, as I dont have MS. But I was wrongly diagnosed with PPMS for several years. Had 4 MRIs, 2 LPs, 2 EMGs, a VEP and oodles of bloods taken.

I saw 16 neuros who tossed me from pillar to post with is it MS? Yes, No,, its HSP…no, its..PPMS…then finally in 2011/12…they told me it`s HSP.

My world turned inside and out…more than once.

Anyway, back to you hun…

It seems to me the medics have people thinking that MS is the label for many neurological conditions. And I do believe quite a lot of folk get a wrong diagnosis. Hughes Syndrome, HSP, Lupus and whatever else, sometimes feature when there is a long, long road to diagnosis. Then there are some folk who never get a definite diagnosis.

Even my dx of HSP isnt a 100% definite, as we dont know of any other family member with it.

I think it would be helpful towards a possible dx, if you do have the LP. I found mine uncomfortable, but many folk say they were fine.

Now as regards your job…as much as you are unhappy there, I dont think it would be a wise move, at the moment to leave. There may be a need for time off, should your symptoms return/worsen. What is their sick policy like? I worked for the local authority and they were very good and i had to retire on ill health at 47. I was on the sick for 8 months before retiring and I got a good payout, as I had been there 15 years. So you need to keep that possibility in mind.

About your current tingling in your face…if it lasts more than a week, I would go see your GP and tell him her.

Besides that, it would be useful to keep a diary of events.

luv Pollyxx

I’m going to be brutally frank here: if I were your employer, I would be delighted if you were to resign to take up another job, however brilliant you are. It is a regrettable fact that sick people in the workplace are an expensive nuisance for employers. Those of who are (or - as in my case - have been) sick people in the workplace need to remember that. Most employers do their legally-defensible best to avoid appointing sick people and breathe a sigh of relief when they depart of their own volition. Tough but true.

In other words, I think you should stay put for now, if you can bear it.


Hi, stay where you are until you have a diagnosis or everything is sorted health wise. In a new job you will undoubtedly have a probationary period and if you spend much of that time ‘sick’ there is a chance they won’t keep you on. Your sickness policy, disability staff policy and Occupational therapy rights at where you are at the moment will be better, simply because of the time you have been there. If the diagnosis turns out to be MS or something similar then you are better off staying where you are for a while. I wish you all the best.


I am so grateful to you all for taking the time to respond to me.

Polly, I’m sorry for all you’ve been through. It sounds a nightmare, especially as it seems your diagnosis isn’t 100%. Thanks for all your comments, very helpful.

Alison, I appreciate your frank response. It’s kind of what my instinct was telling me, and sometimes it helps to have the situation bluntly laid on the line. Thank you, I’m grateful.

Pops, thanks for your thoughts. I feel the years I’ve spent where I am (as much as I the job gets me down) stand me in good stead. Thank you very much for replying.

I wish all of you all the best.