should i go?

Due my tysabri infusion on thursday but feeling sick as a dog should i go to the doctors or try covonia or something? I dont wanna get nocked back if ive got a infection when it comes to thursday

I am not on Tysabri, but I would have thought the best thing to do would be to ring them and ask. Covonia etc. will only treat symptoms - not clear up any infection. Meanwhile, if you go to the doctor, they won’t be able to do anything if it’s viral. If it’s bacterial, they might prescribe antibiotics, but I wouldn’t rate the chances very high of them being fully effective by Thursday.



Hi Martin. I dont know where you have yours (I go to Southampton) but I think the general rule is if you have a fever, feel quite ill, then you should skip it. I know in Southampton they will squeeze us in the following week if we miss one. I have been numerous times when poorly and not let on I am ill, purely because I have the time off from work pre-approved way in advance. We also have a direct line to the Tysabri nurses should we need to call them.

Hope you feel better soon.


Ive been docs got a respiratory infection so on anti biotics. Spoke to hosp about it and now re booked my infusion as cant have it while on anti biotics

Thats good - saves a wasted trip. Rest up and feel better soon

Im more peed off i cant have my infusion