Question for tysabri users

Hi all

I am due to have my first Tysabri on Wednesday which i am nervous about but i am more worried at the moment because i have a bad cold and cough

Will it still be ok to have it or should i contact the m.s nurse to pospone it??

Thanks for any replies



Not sure for certain what they’d say about having a cold, but I’d give them a call & see what they say. At my hospital I know they’ve changed their rules so that we can now have it when we have an infection, it wouldn’t surprise me if they go ahead, but call them firstto check.

Good luck when you do start it though. Take a book with you, as you’ll be there a while - an hour for the infusion, then an hour of observations afterwards when they’ll also give you a flush through the drip. If you’re lucky you’ll be with a good bunch of other guys having it & you can have a laugh & a chat & you’ll not need the book.

Best wishes


Hi Bexter.

As dan said - it depends on the hospital. Mine (Southampton) will do it on a cold and an infection if your temp isnt too high and you feel okish. They do sometimes question chesty or productive (ew) coughs. But, as its going to be your first infusion they may suggest you wait until it passes. For some people the first few can make you feel quite rough so you wouldnt want a cough/cold as well. Just call the nurses and check with them. I doubt they will make you wait a month, the one time I missed mine when not well I just had to call when I felt better and they squeezed me in.

Hope you feel better soon - where are you going for infusions? I am due mine Weds too so will think of you!


Thanks for replies. Have left message for nurse, just waiting for her to get back to me.

Colds pretty bad still and son’s off school with neck pain, oh happy days!!

If infusion goes ahead i will be having mine at truro hospital in Cornwall.Will think of you too Hayley!:slight_smile:

Take care xx

Good luck I’m waiting for go ahead for tysabri in Plymouth , sooner the better for me Gray