Tysabri and flu...:/

Hi, I am new to this forum, but not really new to MS. I should start the treatment with Tysabri tomorrow. I was excited about this… However I have flu… :frowning: Running nose etc, but no fever. Does anybody know whether they are going to give me Tysabri anyway tomorrow or they sey: Come back when yoy’re done with the flu… Please answer cause I am getting worried.

Hi, in my experience as long as you dont have a temp or a water infection and you tell them you feel OK they will give it to you. However, I personally think they first 6/7 infusions make you feel rough anyway - so if you are already feeling ill it may not be the best idea. Maybe call your nurse and have a chat with her about it?

I wouldnt think twice about having ty being like you are now, but - I have been on it for nearly 2.5 years.

Good luck and I hope you feel better soon.


Thank you hayley 894. I think I will give it a go anyway. But you still made me feel better today :slight_smile: I will write again after I come back :slight_smile:

Yes please do. Drink lots (water not wine) and have a little sleep when you get home - works wonders!

Hi again :slight_smile: I am back and I got my first Tysabri. I ahd no UTI or fever :slight_smile: Besides the problem with finding the vein, everything warke great so far :slight_smile: I am right now starting drinking the water, so I hope I will be fine tomorrow. But still Hayley 894 huge thank you and hugs :slight_smile:

Yay! Good news!! No need for thanks at all - just glad you got on ok. Well done you!!! I am bad with veins too, my worst was 10 attempts!! x

I had my 1st infusion last week isay drink lots of water. Take a book to read… i didnt or dont feel ruff have a nap when you get home and youll feel fine…? I did its eather helping my fatigue or my fatigue is backing off. Good luck

I belive it might have been the infusion working! It was similar for me. However considering the fact that 5 months are gone since your first infusion so probably you know the best. :slight_smile: Sorry for such a late replay :confused: Besides how are you feeling now? Does it help a lot? For me it worked miracles :slight_smile: My fatigue was so much better that I even managed to get pregnant :slight_smile: Therefore now I have the compilation of fatigue: originating from MS and pregnancy :confused: But I am so happy to be pregnant anyway :slight_smile:

As I understand it, if it’s just an ordinary standard British cold/sore throat (i.e. no fever) then you are probably fine (although they might be extra-careful given that it’s your first one…) If people were denied Tysabri every time they had a cold, there’d be chaos! :slight_smile:

If it is a more serious infection, and you are running a fever, however, they won’t normally give you Tysabri until you your temperature has returned to normal.

I hope that it all goes well for you tomorrow. Fingers crossed that you are well enough for them to go ahead, and that Tysabri really does a good job for you.


Hi all.

Very new to this so am not sure I’m going to be be a good participant.

Going to be trialling a Walkaide system in January 2015, I have been using FES for 8 weeks now after 8 months in an AFO, which did me no favours at all, a completely useless bit of kit in my opinion, made whatever nerve response I had very inactive, so I’m hoping to improve with the help of these devices.

Does anybody know or have experiences using these aids, if so do tell.

Regards to you all