Should have diagnosis soon

So I phoned the hospital Monday and asked if the appointment report had been done. Low and behold it hadn’t been so the secretary said she’d seen the consultant I saw on 2nd October and said she would go and see him and get him to edit the report and fax it to my dr. I also asked her about my results and diagnosis and she said she would chase it.

Half an hour later she phoned and said she had faxed the appointment report to my Drs. She also said that she had all of my results and was goin to take them to the professor who I saw at the beginning in (August and again on 2nd October) and get him to write to me with a diagnosis. I said to her will he write to me with a diagnosis and she said yes he will also put what happens next.

My dr phoned me on Tuesday and said that he had looked at the report and has put me on Carbamazepine (Tegretol) which I take 1 a day for 2 weeks then 2 twice a day. He said the dosage can be put up every 2 weeks and he’s put me back on folic acid.

I’m really hoping I find out next week or week after

Sorry you are still waiting and have had to chase them up!