Shock horror

So I thought, right, the time has come to go through and try on my clothes and chuck out all those that are now too big , too scruffy or never worn for years. Oh boy. Trying on all those little summer tops I’ve had the shock of my life on seeing the state of my arms and shoulders (rarely look in a mirror below the neck normally.) Flab, and loose flesh, no muscle tone at all, not a pretty sight..So its time to get the weights out and start using them (hate it) but it has to be done. Hlary x

Hi Hlary, Its something l need to do l cannot get into the wardrobe its so full when l take one think out it needs ironing again.

A frend of mine said it you have not used it in 10 years out with it, l have a shaker dumbell that good for the arms it was great for my shoulder when l fell and broke a bone got it back up and working as far as it can, you take care regards Jan xx

Yip, would it be a sweeping statement to say I think this is a common problem? Trick is not to look, my GP said it’s easier not to put the weight on than try and lose it. Bl££dy useless even on this level, take care be safe and shake that 'booty’M

I try really hard to keep weight under control… no snacks no sweets policy! Except when I’m feeling low I stop caring and NEED chocolate!

But really without being able to exercise and with weight gain being side effect of the drugs (I’m on Amitriptyline) it’s a losing battle.

At least at moment I seem to be staying at around 11 stone 9 oz… but before MS I was 10 stone! I have been over 12 but managed to get it down a bit.

My arms seems quite firm as I use them so much to push myself up in bed and from chairs… but really standing naked in front of mirror is a nightmare and one that I avoid at all costs!

Good luck Hilary… it can’t hurt and will do some good.

Pat x

I agree pat…looking in the mirror is a bad idea…i prefer to look at my hair and make-up…forget the rest!

re indulging in the junk food…been a good girl on my diet, thinking that i may have an spc op sometime, so in an effort to stop my belly reaching my knees (ok, I can hear you laughing), the intentions are good.

But my neighbour was 77 yesterday and has just brought me a chunk of her birthday cake! Did i ask hubby to put it out of my sight? no, I ate it like it was going out of fashion! Chuffin eck!

luv Pollx

What’s a spc op Poll? Is it a belly lift? LOL I could do with one of those!

As the belly gets bigger and the boobs go south the whole thing becomes a very depressing picture!

I remember at school we had a cookery teacher… Miss Davis (how did I remember that?) and her boobs rested on her belly… she would also hitch them up and rest them on the desk… causing hysterical giggles from us teenage girls.

Well it’s pay-back time. Miss Davis must be up there in heaven looking down and laughing at my boobs resting on my belly!!!

Ooooh bet that cake was good Poll…

Pat x

Good luck with getting trim. I am fighting a loosing battle even though I eat less now than ever before I cant move around and without the excersise I am doomed. I only have mirrors I can see my face in but I have notticed all my chins have amalgamated into a single blancmage where my throat used to be, Makes shaving easier though, you just have to find the positives out of this stuff.

Oh you lovely peeps do make me laugh!

It’s not so much the belly on the knees or the boobs on the belly , for me its the bingo wings. I lost a couple of stone over the last year, got back down to 10 and a half stone which I was chuffed about but the old muscles are pathetic. Even shoving myself round the tennis court in my wheelchair doesn’t seem to do much for the arms/shoulders (sighs). So weights it must be.

I’m also intrigued about what a spc op is Poll?

And Pat, you’re right, sometimes you just NEED chocolate!

Hilary x

Hi all

I do think about getting fit, but that’s all I do about it…think! lol

Hope you enjoyed that cake Poll.

Pam x

Chocolate is my one weakness - I have to eschew it completely as I can’t just eat a little bit. There is not a lot of me but I’ve noticed chocolate going straight to my tum lately. Trying to eat healthy things like dried apricots - they are nice but not the same! Teresa xx

I think spc refers to supra pubic catheter

Thanks Bouncy… Sorry Poll for misunderstanding.

Pat x