Severe left arm, hand and eye pain

I have secondary progressive MS and, fortunately, have never suffered with pain until the last 2 months. I now get episodes of severe pain behind my left eye and in my left arm and hand. The episodes last 30 to 60 minutes, and I am unable to do anything when I have the pain. I understand why people kill themselves with severe pain. I have tried amitriptyline whish helped a little. Now, I’m taking pregabalin, which is better.
Has anyone else had this, and what worked for you to relieve the pain? Thanks :blush:

Hi Graham,i’m currently suffering with back,neck and arm pain.
My doctor diagnosed (over the phone) musculoskeletal pain and asked if I was taking amatripyline, i used to but came off it.
She just told me to take ibuprofen!! What I am actually taking is purple cbd capsules, they help with anxiety,pain,insomnia etc…maybe look into if they may help with your pain?
Hope your pain gets better soon.

Many thanks for your reply. I understadn the pain issues. Horrendous.

I tried amitrityline, it worked a little. But my pregabalin is better (although still get the pains, but less bad).

Apologies, I am already taking 2 squirts of CDB oil twice per day (the bottle says 15mg CBD). I should have said.

I was wondering if there was anything else.