Medicine help

I currently take pregablin and Amitryptaline
But baclofen and tizanidine have been tried for pain but. they were making me too tired and drowsy… I am hoping to get some other suggestions for pain management without the sedative effect if anyone has any please?

Hello Cruella (Great name!)

I tried Amitriptyline and felt absolutely dreadful for weeks. I just couldn’t tolerate it, so after a chat with my neuro I tried Gabapentin which happily gives me no side effects at all and does its job well. I’ve been on it for something like eight or nine years now and am still happy with it. As my pain fluctuates from time to time, I sometimes adjust the dose a little, gradually increasing or decreasing as required.
That works well for me, but I know it doesn’t suit everyone.

I hope you find somerhing that helps.


Hi Ben and thanks for the lovely response. Just to let you know that I have now done an E consultation form with the Dr and will update you :crossed_fingers::+1::coffee:

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