Serving or Ex Forces Personnel

My name is Mike Brodie, I am an ex Royal Navy man who served 14 years but was discharged service in 1999 after my diagnosis in 1998.

Mutual Support offers fantasic support with all matters relating to Benefits, War Pensions, Employment, Medical Discharge,
24/7 Helpline.

Together the MS Society & Mutual Support really do have all bases covered and I would urge any Serving or Retired Service person from any of our Services to get in contact, you will be pleasently surprised at their wealth of knowledge and support they can offer.

I only wish that I was aware of this organisation when I was diagnosed!!

X Mike Brodie

07960 311333

Hi Mike Does that include wives of people still serving? Sue

Hi mike i am ex RN left in 1978

I have been on the site but when i try to go to another page i get the “404”

page not available and can i become a member ?

I have brain freeze at the moment so i could be me