Seriously hacked off with MRI results.

I received a letter from my neuro this morning and there is no evidence of any MS activity that explains the symptoms. Oh, they are not serious! I am unable to use my right arm and leg, am in a wheelchair, have to have hubby do everything for me including all intimate needs such as put me on the commode. Aaaaarrrrgghhhhh!!! Pat

Innit a right old game, eh?

I am in very similar circumstances myself and have very PPMS like symptoms.

MS has been ruled out totally, in favour of;…wait for it…

idiopathic spastic paraparesis…idiopathic means, in the actual words used by neuro…

we dont bloody know. Total farce, innit? I kid you not.

luv Pollx

MRIs are not always reliable to show damage,so yes it is farcical. Have a nice cupof tea x Janine

lnsultants - Consultants - is there a difference.

Last week l was at the ‘rehab clinic’ and several folk there with what looked like MS - turned out to be Guillane Barre syndrome so there are other diseases that mimic ms.

Putting a name to it does help though.


Suspicion strikes me when described as the lovely Janine!That was the gynaecologist though lol Janine


Did you mean the letter showed NO lesions and NO evidence of MS or just that it didn’t show any MS activity that expplained your current symptoms?

If it is the latter I wouldn’t worry. MS is notorious for not matching the lesions with actual disability. Some people can have only a couple of lesions and be terribly disabled and some can look like a Swiss Cheese and have no obvious disability. It doesn’t mean you are a fraud.

If the letter said there are no lesions are you still waiting on a MS diagnosis?

And doctors don’t use special code to each other.


Hi Pat,

I have right sided weakness and no spinal cord lesions either. As I said before MS lesions are well known for not matching up with disability. I often get new symptoims with no obvious change on MRI and my neuro explains it as being caused by inflamation rather than actual demyleination. Don’t read too much into it. I seriously doubt anyone is thinking you are malingering or faking it. MRI is only one tool used to assess changes in MS. The ost important tool is the neuro’s observation of clinical changes and any new neuro signs.