Self-propelled w/c

Hi all

Hope everyones as well as can be.

I’ve decided to buy a new self propelled wheelchair and was looking on ebay when it struck me that there may be some things I should consider before buying as this will be my first one. Any pointers please?


I am happy to share my experiences as ive bought 4 chairs in 10 years.

You need to consider chair size to your size. I have bought chairs too big, too heavy, too small and too low.

Too low or small can make self propelling hard. Too big wouldnt fit through doors.

Consider getting measured up before buying.

My latest is titanium very light and was well worth the extra £££ s as it gives me more freedom.


Gosh, for a minute I thought you were talking about some kind of commode on wheels. Wouldnt like to be sitting on a self-propelled one of those, knowing my luck I can just imagine it taking off into the street in the middle of business.

Wow, what a fart that was.