Self catheter question for the ladies!

For the past few days I haven’t been using my self catheter in the mornings because I usually sit on the wet room floor, legs akimbo, using a mirror to see “Franklin” my urethra (you have to name your equipment, to ‘bond’ with it, don’t you?)

For the past 18 months I’ve managed fine, then struggled back into my wheelchair but I’m finding it harder and harder to sit on the floor then get back into my chair, to the point I’ve been avoiding using my catheter when I need to use it – I can’t see life getting any easier either.

I tried sitting on the loo to do the deed, but really struggled to move my legs to the right position and balance the mirror, aarghh!

So I thought I’d ask you ladies if you have any tips on how to use a catheter without injuring myself of calling out firemen to get me back into my wheelchair afterwards? I’d be really grateful for any tips you might have!

Thank you in advance!

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I used to do it sitting on the bed and using a mirror with a collection bag, so that is an option you could try. Talk to your delivery company, if the type of catheter you use can’t have a collection bag attached,then try swapping to another type. Speedicath for example is one that’s easy to use, hydrophilic (ie made of the kind of plastic that becomes slippery when introduced to the saline which is enclosed in the tube), and can come with bags. Nb, if doing it on the bed, lay a towel down first just in case!

But now that you know what ‘Franklin’ looks like and it’s position in relation to your anatomy, try sitting on the loo and doing it without a mirror. That’s what I did and it worked first time. You might find that you waste a couple of catheters by missing the spot, but it’s worth swapping over if you can.

You might find that if you’re going to try doing it without a mirror, you need to swap catheter types anyway. Trying to do it without looking, with a very bendy catheter type is almost impossible. (I’ve likened it to threading a piece of cooked spaghetti into a straw wearing a blindfold.) So you could phone your catheter company (again) and get some samples of other catheter types. Try Lofric, Speedicath, anything else they can suggest that is more rigid but still easy to use, preferably hydrophilic.

Best of luck.

Let us know what you try and if you need any more help.


I have not been able to achieve self catheterization with a mirror more than a few times so now I have a cheap Canada tripod adjustable in height with a mirror hooked on it ( magnifying mirror for me ) and that has made it easier. I do struggle without good light though so now also have a little torch attached by rubber band to the tripod. I sit on the loo.

All sounds a bit of a faff but needs must.

Never really got on doing it on the bed, I am too fat and found flesh got in the way.

Wishing you the best of luck finding a way that works for you.

Ps I use Speedicath