Seizures with MS

Fantastic news! I saw my neurologist this afternoon and she was a bit gobsmacked at the mental absence episodes my hubby reported to her. I have no idea they occur. They sound like seizures she exclaimed. Another MRI coming up. I’m now on epilepsy tablets. A week of steroids. And I have to forthwith relinquish my driving licence. Ah well! So, at 51 I am now entitled to a twirly pass. Hubby has to be my carer. Oh he did moan about having to do the cooking because I am unsafe near the cooker. He made me an egg sandwich yesterday! He told the neuro in a ‘poor me’ tone of voice and she looked at me and laughed? Made me laugh. Onwards and upwards towards secondary progressive! But for the moment she wants to put me on copaxone…grrrrrr no thanks, not after the episode with avonex! Pat

So if you have seizures you are on your way to secondary progressive ? strange

A bit more seizure & MS chat from Barts & London.

But if you are having flare ups how can you be SPMS? You can get epilepsy as part of MS but it has nothing to do with going SP… And why would your neuro have started you on Copaxone if she thought you were SP? Did your neuro say you were SP? I’m confused…

Avonex and Copaxone are from totally different drug groups so if you had unpleasant side effects on Avonex it doesn’t mean yu will on Copaxone. Why don’t you talk to your MS Nurse about it more before dismissing it out of hand? If you are having a lot of flare ups at present the Copaxone will reduce the number and frequency of them and reduce the risk of you being left with more damage from each relapse. Surely that has to be a good thing?


Thanks for the further info Pat. Sometimes a relapse takes ages to clear. I have had some that took a year or so to settle so fingers crossed…